ESDM Ministry Reforms Four Policy Matters for Extractive Industries

THE MINISTRY of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) continues to arrange in the extractive industry the ESDM sector in order to create a comfortable investment climate for stakeholders in the ESDM sector.

The Head of ESDM Data and Information Technology Center (Pusdatin) Agus Cahyono said that there were four things that became important points in the reform of extractive industry governance in the ESDM sector. First, is fairness between the Government and Business Entities.

In the mineral and coal (minerba) sector, the Government also arranged mining permits and contracts through Clear and Clean (CnC) status. In 2014, there were 10,643 Mining Business Permits (IUP). After being trimmed with CnC, in 2018 the number became 5,670 IUPs.

"Even though registered IUPs declined, the number of PNBP Minerba actually increased and the realization reached 50 Trillion, exceeding the set target of 32.1 Trillion (156%). The Ministry of ESDM together with KPK increased the transparency of Business Entities," continued Agus.

Agus explained that the second point in the governance reform of the extractive industry in the ESDM sector is to cut licenses that hinder investment. Until 2018, a total of 186 regulations/licenses in the ESDM sector were revoked. "With the details there are 56 regulations/licenses in the oil and gas sector, 96 regulations/licensing of the mineral sector, 20 regulations/licensing of the electricity sector and 14 regulations/ licensing of the EBTKE sector," he explained.

Furthermore, it is to provide easy data access by integrating systems and business processes and data for managing and storing subsurface data and based on international standards.

Last but not least, accountability by improving governance, implementing beneficial ownership, also integrated Online System in Minerba Management.

Source: IMA