Commitment to Environmental Management and Stakeholder, Bukit Asam Won Gold Proper Award

PT Bukit Asam Tbk was again awarded the Gold Rating (PROPER Gold) Rating Program from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK). The Golden Proper Award was given directly by Vice President HM Jusuf Kalla on Monday (18/12) at the Vice Presidential Palace of Jakarta. By reaching Gold Proper in 2017, PTBA managed to get Gold Proper five times in a row since 2013.

In maintaining Gold's Proper Performance for 5 consecutive years, PT Bukit Asam Tbk is also continuously improving innovation and creativity and gain full support from management and stakeholders. Various CSR programs and environmental activities continue to be done by Bukit Asam to create added value for people and the environment, and apply the vision of Bukit Asam to become a World Class Energy Company that Care for the Environment.

This Golden Proper Award also proves that PT Bukit Asam Tbk has good environmental governance and stakeholder relations. Not only that, PT Bukit Asam Tbk also implements environmental management and various programs of the use of energy sources that are efficient and environmentally friendly.

Various aspects of the assessment are conducted to obtain Proper Gold, such as environmental management system, energy efficiency, water conservation, emission reduction, biodiversity protection, 3R of B3 waste and Non B3 solid waste, and community empowerment.

In the community empowerment program, Bukit Asam undertakes its commitment to continue to contribute to the surrounding community. Various CSR programs are conducted by PT Bukit Asam, which is providing Bidiksiba scholarship for outstanding students around the company, Desa Mandiri Bara Lestari, and Rumah Kopi Desa Pelakat.

Bukit Asam also innovates by altering the Mud Suspend Pool for freshwater fishery cultivation. Not only that, Bukit Asam also established Rumah Songket Bukit Asam in Lawang Kidul, Muara Enim. Through Bukit Asam's House of Songket and Mud Utensils for fisheries, Bukit Asam implements its commitment to empower local communities while providing added value to the community.

The Corporate Performance Rating Program (PROPER) is one of KLHK's efforts to encourage corporate governance in environmental management with measurable indicators. The objective of enhancing the company's role in environmental management and stimulant effect in the fulfillment of environmental regulations and added value to the maintenance of natural resources, energy conservation, and community development.

With the award of Proper with gold rating, the company has consistently demonstrated environmental excellence in its business production process, as well as conducting ethical and responsible business to the community.