Work for Nation

August 17th the anniversary of Independence Day is not just an ordinary momentum. In fact, this memorial is a turning point for every Indonesian people to recall the spirit of nationalism of our fighters to realize the ideals of a just, sovereign, and prosperous independence.

In this period of independence, the spirit of nationalism needs to be waged at all the times. Various activities can be done to continue to fill the independence to make Indonesia better. One of the ways to fill independence today is to work to build the nation. This is evidenced by the employees of PT Bukit Asam (Persero) Tbk or PTBA.

A total of 16 PTBA employees received the Award of Exemplary Employee after the Independence Day Ceremony at PTBA Head Office at Tanjung Enim. Selected exemplary employees are employees who are judged to be exemplary in attitude, behavior, and action. In accordance with the assessment criteria of the Selection Team, the examples of employees are not only judged from the performance concerned in the office environment, but in the family environment, and the neighborhood. It means that every employee of Bukit Asam must be a pioneer for the company's progress and environment through positive contribution.

The participants of the selection of Bukit Asam's Exemplary Employee came from all levels of employees, with objective assessment until finally selected 16 people as winners of Exemplary Employee. Each of the 10 people from Level IV-VI, then 3 people Level III, 2 people Level II, and 1 person Level I.

As a State-Owned Enterprise engaged in the coal sector, Bukit Asam needs to be supported by human resources which has full commitment and eager to contribute for the country through its surrounding environment. Through Exemplary Employee Award, it is hoped that they can become a coward of the spirit of Bukit Asam employees that their existence is an example and a contribution for this country.