Sales Target Up 38 Percent

Sales Target Up 38 Percent

JAKARTA–PT Bukit Asam is targeting sales volume of 24.7 million tons in 2014, which is up 38 percent compared to 2013 sales volume realization which was 17.8 million tons. The composition are 55 percent from export and 45 percent from domestic sales. 

“Along 2014, we are targeting export of 13.5 million tons or up 40 percent compared to export in 2013 which was 9.6 million tons. The priority is the export of high-calorie coal,” said Bukit Asam President Director Milawarma in his statement yesterday in Jakarta (1/1).

From the total sales volume target of 24.7 million tons, 19.80 million tons are expected to come from Bukit Asam production, consisting of 18.65 million tons from the Tanjungenim Mining Unit (UPT), and the remaining 1.15 million tons are expected to come from the subsidiaries, such as PT International Prima Coal (OPC) and PT Bukit Kendi. 

The rest are expected to come from other contribution, which is 3.98 million tons from the purchase of coal subsidiary, respectively by 3.30 million tons from Bukit Asam Prima and 0.68 million tons from PT IPC. 

Milawarma stated that the success of sales strongly supported by the capability of coal rail transport to transport the production output. Coal is transported to the Tarahan Port in Bandar Lampung and Kertapati Jetty in Palembang. (dri)

Source: Indopos, 2 Januari 2014