Mine Supporting Equipments

Mine Supporting Equipments

To support the work of mining equipments, other heavy equipment are needed as supporting equipments and known as mine supporting equipments (MSE). These are six (6) MSE frequently used in PTBA, namely;

  1. Back Hoe
    It is used to perform excavation and to load soil or mud. It can be used also to make trenches, loading soil or scattered coals in conveyor belt area. Besides it also play a vital role in cleaning thin overburden on coal.

  2. Bulldozer In Bucket Wheel Excavator (BWE) system, it serves to push soil and to level the ground, collect soil material and coal which cannot be reached again by BWE, cleaning and separating between soil and coal in BWE excavation, shifting kopt station to straighten conveyor belt, pushing soil or mud to make planum in spreader disposal area.

  3. Track & Wheel Stacle
    Track stacle is modification of backhoe, while stacker wheel is modification of wheel loader. Both of these tools have primary function to clean mining equipments and conveyor path from coal pile or soil. In addition it can be used to facilitate the installation of roll on a conveyor belt and to help alignment paths during sloping conveyor belt.

  4. Mini Wheel Loader
    It is used to clean accumulated materials around the conveyor belt paths in coal and soil separation area.

  5. Pipe Layer
    It is modification of bulldozer and serves the conveyor when shifting and help it to align and straighten its position vertically or horizontally

  6. Transport Crawler
    It has a vital role in the BWE system, used to lift kopt station when transfer conveyor belt path from one place to another.