Bukit Asam Inaugurated an International Standard School Building and the Bara Lestari Residence Phase II

President Director of PT Bukit Asam Tbk, Arviyan Arifin and the Regent of Muara Enim H. Juarsah jointly inaugurated international standard school building for Elementary School and Junior High School, as well as the Bara Lestari I Residence Phase II. This event was also attended by Dandim 0404 and the Head of Muara Enim Police (January 14).

The school building development is part of Bukit Asam’s integrated education area development program and as a manifestation of the company's commitment to continue developing and advancing education in Muara Enim Regency.

Arviyan Arifin said Bukit Asam Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program disbursed IDR13.9 billion for the school building. Built on an area of ​​2,132 m2, the building has facilities of 12 classrooms, teacher room, administrative office, cafeteria, basketball court, and volleyball court.

"In the near future, PTBA plans to build Bukit Asam High School building with more complete facilities, such as a practicum laboratory building for students and undergraduate students, training building, and other supporting buildings.”

 “With this program, we hope to improve human resources quality in the local area especially in ring 1 Muara Enim Regency to be more competitive with other regions. We hope students will have more confident by having international standard school here," he said.

As for the Bara Lestari Residence, which is located in Keban Agung Village, Lawang Kidul District, President Director of PT Bukit Asam Tbk and the Regent of Muara Enim jointly inaugurated the phase II construction.

The Bara Lestari Residence 1’s phase II consists of developing 163 housing units on an area of ​​4,892 m2, consisting of 50 housing units of type 21 and 110 units of type 34 with a total value of IDR17.49 billion also sourced from Bukit Asam CSR funds. .

This residential area is equipped with various public and social facilities, clean water networks, drainage and road construction. This program is Bukit Asam's commitment to prosper and improve the quality of life of Muara Enim Regency residents, especially those who previously lived near Bukit Asam mining area, which is now transformed into the People's Forest Park (Tahura).

After the inauguration, the President Director of Bukit Asam, the Regent of Muara Enim and the Communication Forum for the Regional Leaders of Muara Enim Regency, Tripika, Lawang Kidul District, planted Tabebuya trees in the school area.

Arviyan said to the press that Bukit Asam would continue to carry out reforestation programs in post-mining areas by planting type of eucalyptus oil trees to protect the company's environmental ecosystem.

"Thank God the government always supports our programs, both in the development of facilities and infrastructure, partnership programs and cooperation with the business community for the welfare of the local people. We have confidence that the current vaccine program run by the central government will also be implemented to the regional areas, so that the Covid-19 pandemic will end soon, life will return to normal, the economy will grow back well," he concluded.

Meanwhile, the Regent of Muara Enim, Juarsah, expressed great appreciation for Bukit Asam's concern in Muara Enim Regency’s education development by building international standard school building, and for Bukit Asam’s residential program by providing decent, safe and comfortable housing in the Bara Lestari Residence.