Spontaneous Action of Bukit Asam's Benefactors

More than 129 underprivileged families who live around ​​the company's operational area received social aids from Bukit Asam’s benefactors. This was not a CSR program but rather spontaneity from the the Bukit Enim Mining Unit (UPTE) employees, as GM UPTE Suhedi invited them to share and help the unfortunate community suffering from economic hardship due to the covid-19 impact. 

This spontaneous action of social aids distribution was carried out on Sunday morning, May 17, 2020 to a number of locations, including Talang Jawa, Brangau, Bedeng Obak, Tegal Rejo, Dusun Tanjung and Bara Lestari. Most beneficiaries felt surprised and did not expect to receive some fortunes that morning. Having evaluated this activity, Suhedi hoped to make it a continuous acts in the future, not only during Ramadan and in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, but as a routine agenda once a month or every three months.