Greening for Tanjung Enim and Lahat

PT Bukit Asam Tbk's CSR and PT Pama Persada's CSR carried out greening activities in Tanjung Enim as a form of environmental awareness around the company's operational area, on Friday (3/20).

The companies planted about 300 matoa seedlings by the riverbanks of Keban Agung with participation of the Keban Agung community, BLH Muara Enim, District Lawang Kidul and Koramil. The local community very much supported the greening activities.

Not only in Tanjung Enim, Bukit Asam's CSR also supported environmental greening activities in Lahat Regency in the form of 2000 plant seeds given to Gemacita Lahat.

Besides keeping the environment green and beautiful, Bukit Asam hoped these greening and planting seeds activities would inspire the local community to have more awareness about the surrounding environment.