Lampung SOE Task Force to Prevent COVID-19

As the coordinator of the SOE Task Force in Lampung in preventing the spread of the Corona virus, PT Bukit Asam Tbk together with a number of SOEs in Lampung held various activities for the community. The series of Corona virus socialization activities took place from Tuesday to Friday (24-27/3) at various locations in Lampung.

Bukit Asam and SOEs in Lampung distributed masks and hand sanitizers to passengers and socialized about the corona virus prevention at the Rajabasa Terminal, where disinfectants were sprayed to eliminate the corona virus in the area.

The Lampung SOE Task Force also sprayed disinfectants in several places of worship in the city of Lampung, consisting 4 mosques, 2 churches and 1 temple. The Lampung SOE Task Force hoped this activity would provide sense of security to the community regarding the cleanliness of public places and places of worship.