Celebrating 39th Anniversary, PTBA Derti Organized Free Mass Circumcision and Medical Treatment

Celebrating its 39th anniversary, PT Bukit Asam Tbk (PTBA) Dermaga Kertapati (Derti) Unit held a variety of activities for the community to participate. The activities included mass circumcision, free medical treatment and funwalk.

This program was held at the DOK Field RT 2, Karang Anyar, Palembang, Thursday (12/3). There were 150 participants of mass circumcision from the community around the operational area of ​​PTBA Dermaga Kertapati Unit, and Deputy Mayor of Palembang, Fitrianti Agustinda was present at the event.

PTBA strived to always provide benefits to the community around the company through this kind of activity. Not only that, it’s expected to strengthen the relationship between the company and the local community.

The activity series of PTBA Anniversary at the Dermaga Kertapati Unit has started since last February, including Blood Donation and PTBA Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony.

"We also held a series of activities such as food distribution, band festivals and fun walks at BKB as peak activity. We hope these activities would be beneficial especially for residents of the ring I company," said Yulian Sudarmawan, Manager of HR, General and Finance of PTBA.

Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor of Palembang, Fitrianti Agustinda appreciated the activities held by PTBA Dermaga Kertapati Unit.

"Many PTBA CSR programs have helped the Palembang city government and community, therefore, on behalf of the Palembang City Government, I would like to say thank you for the help all this time. Hopefully, PTBA programs would be an example for other companies in Palembang," she explained.