Bukit Asam Inaugurated Enim Bridge 2

As company’s commitment to participate in building Muara Enim, Bukit Asam, on March 2, inaugurated the Enim Bridge 2, connecting the Muara Enim Crossing (Klawas) and the Air Laya Mining Area. The bridge’s grand opening by Bukit Asam's Managing Director, Arviyan Arifin at the Enim 2 Bridge area, was witnessed by Muara Enim Regency government officials and Bukit Asam Management.

Linking the Cross Road with the Air Laya Mining Area, the Enim Bridge 2 is used as an alternative route to enter PTBA mining and office area, as well as to support the Tourism Destination Plans such as agroforestry & silvopastura and the Integrated Education Area, Bukit Asam Foundation Educational Area in Mahayung.

Built since November 2018, the Enim Bridge 2 has a length of 83.5 meters and a width of 10.8 meters. The construction took 415 calendar day and was completed on December 31, 2019.