Various Activities Celebrating Bukit Asam's 39th Anniversary

Celebrating its 39th anniversary on March 2, 2020, PT Bukit Asam Tbk held the Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony at Bukit Asam Headquarters Field, Tanjung Enim, Monday (2/3). Led by Bukit Asam Managing Director, Arviyan Arifin, the ceremony was attended by Bukit Asam employees and business partners. 

Arviyan Arifin asked all Bukit Asam people to further build Beyond Coal spirit to be in accordance with Bukit Asam's transformation into a world-class energy company, and in line with the Anniversary theme “Magnificent Spirit of Beyond Coal”.

The series of Bukit Asam's Anniversary activities began on January 18, 2020 with Fun Walk and Fun Run in Tanjung Enim Head Office. This prelude program was attended by around 5,000 participants. Bukit Asam also held 23 art competitions and performances, 17 sports competitions, and 10 social and community activities. The entire series was ended with the Peak Night Anniversary event, held at Bukit Asam Tanjung Enim Sport Hall, on Monday (2/3) night.

Having art competitions and performances, Bukit Asam hoped to unlock opportunities in finding and developing creative talents, and honing the younger generation to become a qualified and competitive generation for the future. Various competitions and art performances were attended by more than 3,000 students from kindergarten to high school/ vocational school.

In sports competitions, Bukit Asam hoped to develop superior potential in the local young generation. There were more than 2,000 elementary to high school / vocational school students from Muara Enim, Lahat, Palembang and even from outside Sumatra, taking part in these various series of sports competition activities.

Bukit Asam also conducted social and community activities for the local communities around the company's operational areas. This year, Bukit Asam provided sports equipment assistance to 25 villages in the Company's Ring I. In addition, Bukit Asam also arranged pilgrim tours for 21 mosque marbots (mosque caretakers) and other pilgrim tours for 2 priests and 2 Catholic pastors.

As a commitment to protecting the environment, Bukit Asam distributed 12,000 fish seeds to Enim River to protect the river ecosystem. For reforesting program, Bukit Asam also planted 2,020 trees in Bukit Asam reclamation area, the West backfilling pit 3.

The Anniversary Peak Night for closing the Anniversary series would be held at Bukit Asam Sports Hall, Tanjung Enim on Monday (2/3) night. Attended by Bukit Asam Commissioners and Directors, this event would present Ungu and Siti Badriah as guest stars. They would sing a number of songs as the highlight of the 39th anniversary of Bukit Asam.

The entire Anniversary activities series was a form of gratitude for all of Bukit Asam’s achievements. The encouragement and synergy among employees, management and stakeholders would increasingly strengthen Bukit Asam's steps in achieving the dream of becoming a world-class energy company that cares about the environment.