Certified Student Internship at Bukit Asam

Magang Mahasiswa Bersertifikat (MMB) or Certified Student Internship is an excellent sustainability program of BUMN Hadir Untuk Negeri (BHUN) or State Owned Enterprises for the Country, to reduce the gap between the industrial world and vocational education world in particular, in relation to competencies fulfillment that moves even faster today. 

As a result, the Government attempts to make a link and match between the industrial world and the education world, targeting vocational students of an opportunity to a six-month internship program at SOE participating in the program.

In MMB Batch 1, which started in February 2019, Bukit Asam received 19 participants, but one of them withdrew for family reasons. A total of 4 students were positioned at the Unit Dermaga Kertapati and the rest at the Tanjung Enim Mining Unit, specifically in Satuan Kerja PLPT and Maintenance.