Bukit Asam Received Certificate of Ombilin Coal Mining Heritage of Sawahlunto

PT Bukit Asam Tbk received the World Cultural certificate of Heritage Ombilin Coal Mining Heritage of Sawahlunto. This certificate was handed over by the Daily Chair of the Indonesian National Committee for UNESCO, Arief Rachman and received by the Managing Director of PT Bukit Asam Tbk, Arviyan Arifin in Padang, Tuesday (29/10). The event was witnessed by the Ministry of Education and Culture Director of Cultural Heritage and Diplomacy, Nadjamuddin Ramly and the Governor of West Sumatra, Irwan Prayitno. 

With this certificate, UNESCO has recognized Sawahlunto along with the entire flow of coal process activities starting from the mining process from Sawahlunto to coal handling in Teluk Bayur Harbor, Padang as a World Cultural Heritage. UNESCO defined the World Cultural Heritage Ombilin Coal Mining Heritage of Sawahlunto in 3 areas, namely area A for coal mining sites in Sawahlunto, area B for the railway line between Sawahlunto to Padang, and area C for coal storage in Emmahaven, Teluk Bayur port.

The railroad in area B was the railroad transport line used to transport coal from the mine site in Sawahlunto to the Teluk Bayur port. These three areas were an integral part of the coal mining process from mining to Sawahlunto coal being delivered to various destination locations through the Teluk Bayur port.

As the coal company that conducted coal-mining activities in Sawahlunto and participated in advancing tourism of Sawahlunto, Bukit Asam was proud to be part of the Ombilin Coal Mining Heritage of Sawahlunto. After coal mining activity was ceased in 2001, Bukit Asam turned the post-mining land into a zoo and a lake for tourist sites.

In addition, Bukit Asam also built the Ombilin Coal Mining Museum located next to the Bukit Asam office of the Ombilin Mining Unit in Sawahlunto. In this museum, Bukit Asam showed the history of coal mining in Ombilin and exhibited the equipment used to mine coal, as well as displayed dioramas of the coal mining process.

To support tourism and education about coal, especially the deep mines, Bukit Asam also opened “Lubang Pendidikan” or Educational Hole in one of the old mining holes. Through this Education Hole, students who studied mining could learn and see directly the shape of deep mines.

The UNESCO World Cultural Heritage certificate and recognition for Sawahlunto encouraged Bukit Asam to continue developing and promoting Sawahlunto potential in the tourism sector. Bukit Asam would continue to synergize with the Provincial Government of West Sumatra and the City Government of Sawahlunto in an effort to advance and maintain the Ombilin Coal Mining Heritage of Sawahlunto together.