The meaning of "We Explore" for Bukit Asam

MIND ID represents the new spirit of the Mining Industry Holding family. As a State-Owned Enterprise, Bukit Asam becomes a creator and development agent that has been given three mandates by the government, namely managing resources from Indonesia's strategic coal and mineral reserves, building downstream mineral and coal industries, and becoming a world-class company. 

MIND ID emphasizes Bukit Asam's position as explorer of natural resources for civilization, prosperity and Indonesia’s brighter future.

Understanding the significance of "we explore", means instilling a spirit of self and potential exploration into each individual, exuding a spirit of exploration to find new ways to do things better and more efficient, to inspire co-workers and to invite the best talents.

All MIND ID members must be willing to find new things and new ways in doing their operational activities to always grow and develop as representative of their industry. They must be relevant to any situation development, flexible and agile in looking for the best opportunities in the world industry development, with noble intentions to explore natural resources based on Good Mining Practices.