Thank You Siswa Mengenal Nusantara

SMN Journal

Thank You Siswa Mengenal Nusantara

The flight at 02.00 this morning would take us to North Maluku. Our head was full of great memories and experiences. Lampung, what we previously knew only from books, we finally saw and learned it personally. We missed our family but surely it felt like only a short period we spent time in Lampung.

Arriving in North Maluku, we immediately headed to the hotel. Even though our series of expeditions in Lampung has been completed, the SMN program was not over. In North Maluku, we met with our friends, SMN participants from Lampung, again.

On the last day of the SMN program, we and our SMN friends from Lampung took part in the Closing of SMN Activities in North Maluku. At the closing event, together we performed traditional dances and songs. Moreover, we also shared experiences and stories about our visit in each destination province.

It appeared that we had the same feelings. We were impressed with the culture, tourism and potential in our destination provinces. We finally understood that Indonesia was very rich and diverse in culture.

The 9 days adventure experience turned out to be a very short time in getting to know another culture. However, this brief experience gave us lots of new lessons, new friends, new family, and stories that would never disappear from our memories.

Indonesia was truly very rich, and we as children of the nation must continue to strive to maintain the unity of Indonesia by sustaining its diversity. It was because of these differences that made us strong and always united. Thank you Siswa Mengenal Nusantara for giving us lessons and real experiences.