Until We Meet Again

SMN Journal

Until We Meet Again 

One by one, the suitcases and bags began to fill the hotel lobby. Many small and medium sized boxes also lay neatly there. The boxes contained banana chips, tapis, and other typical souvenirs of Lampung; gifts we have prepared for our beloved family and relatives back home. Today was our last day in the negeri Sai Bumi Juwai Ruwai. It's sad to leave this place, but we couldn't wait to see our loved ones again.

Before leaving for the airport, first we stopped by the Shinta Banana Chips company. We were explained about the background of the business establishment and its development today. In addition, we also had the opportunity to observe directly how the banana fruit was processed into banana chips with variety of flavors sold by the company.

Some of us also helped the ladies in the processing kitchen to slice bananas before frying. The ladies got sticky hands everyday because of the banana sap in the process. After visiting the kitchen, we went around the store to see and taste various chips. It was a very pleasant and satisfying experience.

Not only banana chips, we also visited the “sulam usus” embroidery business at Rahayu Gallery. We saw a variety of unique, beautiful and elegant designs. We didn’t only see the finishing products but we also observed the process of making these fabrics. It was very interesting to see the agile fingers of the ladies who were embroidering. It definitely took a lot of patience and carefulness in making these artworks.

No wonder if finishing a piece of work took from 2 weeks to several months. The process really showed in the results. The clothes, skirts and fabrics produced had high selling points and received appreciation at the national level.

Our last day on the journey to learn the culture of Lampung did not stop there. We then went to Kedatun Keagungan. We were greeted with a welcome dance performed by some dancers. We also had the opportunity to discuss about Lampung culture and its similarities with our culture in North Maluku. We then learned that we actually shared several common values. Our differences truly made it beautiful, as mentioned in our country motto Bhinneka Tunggal Ika or Unity in Diversity.

After that, we went to the airport. All the way on the bus, we watched our trip compilation during our stay in Lampung. Everyone of us could not hold back our tears because soon it would be farewell. The cheerful atmosphere on the bus turned emotional. It's hard to leave and say goodbye to the chaperons who have accompanied us for the last 2 weeks or so.

We promised to continue to maintain our friendship that has been established. We hoped to be able to visit this place again some time. With a heavy heart, we entered the airport and waved goodbye to the chaperons. Hopefully someday we could meet again.