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Nasionalism for Indonesia

Long Live the Republic of Indonesia! This year’s 74th Independence Day ceremony took place at a new place, absolutely different from previous years. We normally attended flag hoisting ceremony at the schoolyard, however this time it took place at a beach, and in Lampung! 

Early in the morning we were already set to attend the ceremony. The school uniform that we brought from North Maluku was prepared the night before. Everything must look neat for the Republic of Indonesia Independence Day Commemoration Ceremony.

Upon arrival, we were all amazed looking at the ceremony location, right on the white sandy beach. This time we attended the ceremony together with SOEs officers in Lampung. This certainly would be an amazing experience for us.

The Ceremony Inspector was Mr. Joko Pramono, the Director of Human Resources at PT Bukit Asam Tbk. The ceremony took place very solemnly and smoothly. After the ceremony, the national songs rumbled adding the independence atmosphere in Kalianda. We also took pictures with the Directors of Bukit Asam, Brantas Abipraya, and Kawasan Berikat Nusantara.

We were happy that we got a chance to perform traditional North Maluku dance in front of the Directors and Officers from South Lampung. The white sand on the seashore brought more enthusiasm to the dancing and our traditional arts presentation. This was our chance to introduce our culture in Lampung.

After that, we continued our expedition to various locations in South Lampung. This time we were invited to visit Lampung traditional house and to get to know more with Lampung hero, Radin Inten. The tour guide from the Tourism Office gave thorough explanation about Radin Inten. Furthermore, we also visited Radin Inten's grave.

At Radin Inten’s grave, we were told about his heroic fights. He was indeed a very manly and brave man. No wonder he became a hero and pride of Lampung.

After visiting Radin Inten’s grave, we headed for Way Belerang and were welcomed by the friendly officers of Tourism Office. Way Belerang was very shady because of the huge trees. Staying in one of the gazebos, we were served Lampung's traditional food; that is, fish with sour sauce, terasi chili paste, tahu tempe, and raw vegetables and of course the rice and vegetables sour soup. Even though it looked simple, this food was very delicious, especially for lunch after the tour; it was very fresh.

At Way Belerang, some of us immersed in sulfur pool while the rest remained in the gazebo. Way Belerang had two pools, one of which was cold water and the other one contained sulfur, where we soaked in. It was said that immersing in sulfur pools was good for the body. Why wasting such opportunity.

How about the rest who stayed in the gazebo? Apparently they introduced several North Maluku traditional dances to the officers of Agriculture Office and to chaperons from Bukit Asam. One of the dances was Tobelo Dance. We danced first, and then the audience joined. Tobelo dance had a lot of rhythmic footsteps and it was easy to follow.

After bathing, seeing the excitement of dancing, we couldn't resist to join. The atmosphere became even lively. However, it was already late afternoon and we had to go home immediately to prepare for the evening program.

Unexpectedly, that night we were asked to perform in front of the Kalianda community on Way Handa. We had to perform the Lampung dance that we just learned yesterday. Even though we just learned it, we were sure that we could do it. The community began to assemble and we were ready to dance. Surprisingly, we got a standing ovation from the audience in Kalianda. Even though at first our hearts were beating fast, we finally relieved that we succeeded performing this Lampung traditional dance without any mistakes.

The audience response was truly extraordinary this time. Bhinneka Tunggal Ika or Unity in Diversity had a true meaning, even though we came from different ethnics, we were all Indonesian. It was proven that our diversity and difference that united North Maluku and Lampung. We still had few days for our expedition in Lampung. Surely there were still many extraordinary things to find.