Bukit Asam Launched Three Books on Indonesia's Independence Day

On the Republic of Indonesia’s Independence Day’s celebration, PT Bukit Asam Tbk launched three books about the corporate journey and social activities. The three books summarized in the Bukit Asam Trilogy were titled "100 Years of the Tanjung Enim Mine", "Tanjung Enim Towards Tourism City", and "Era’s Changing, Brilliance’s Awaiting". These three books were launched after the Republic of Indonesia's Independence Day Commemoration Ceremony by the Director of Production Operations of PT Bukit Asam Tbk, Suryo Eko Hadianto, at PT Bukit Asam Tbk office yard in Tanjung Enim, Saturday (17/8).

Coal mining in Tanjung Enim started in 1919 by the Dutch colonial government. Exactly in year 2019, the Tanjung Enim coal mine was 100 years old. This was the reason Bukit Asam launched the book "100 Years of the Tanjung Enim Mine".

In "100 Years of the Tanjung Enim Mine" book, Bukit Asam summarized the journey of the Tanjung Enim coal mine ever since it was still an underground mining until it became an open pit mining today. The Tanjung Enim coal mine was a silent witness to the coal mining journey that took place in Tanjung Enim and to the development of various mining world technologies.

As the coal mining activities became more developed and advanced in Tanjung Enim, Bukit Asam also paid closer attention to the environment and the lives of the local people around the company. Bukit Asam was committed to continue caring for the environment and fostering community welfare, one of which is through the Tanjung Enim Tourism City program, which was then revealed in the book "Tanjung Enim Towards Tourism City".

Learning from Sawahlunto, a post mining site which developed into tourism sector, Bukit Asam began to invite the local people to build Tanjung Enim Tourism City together. The purpose was to encourage the local people to become more independent through the tourism sector since the Tanjung Enim region was very protential as tourist destination.

Through Tanjung Enim Tourism City, Bukit Asam encouraged the people’s enthusiasm to present local culture and to create a variety of traditional artworks of Tanjung Enim. Bukit Asam also urged the people to take care of the existing tourist destinations and to create new tourist destinations to attract potential tourists.

In order to support this program, Bukit Asam has undertaken several numbers of facilities constructions such as the Love Park, Sriwijaya Gate as the entrance gate of Tanjung Enim Tourism City, Mini Zoo, and the jogging track. In addition, Bukit Asam also planned to establish Coal Mining Museum that would expose the mining journey at Tanjung Enim.

The third book "Era’s Changing, Brilliance’s Awaiting" was actually intended for children and contained pictures. This book told the history of the Tanjung Enim mine since 100 years ago and also the history of Bukit Asam until today. The company’s journey presented in pictures was expected to make it easier for children to understand the state-owned coal mining company’s journey.

The publication of these three books aimed to give further information about the history of coal mining and Bukit Asam. Moreover, this book was presented by Bukit Asam for Indonesia on its 74th anniversary as the company’s real contribution in developing the country.