Growing the Love of the Homeland

SMN Journal

Growing the Love of the Homeland

It was still morning when Dessy and her 22 friends got ready and carried backpacks. These teenagers from North Maluku smiled cheerfully. Even though they have just arrived yesterday afternoon in Lampung, there was no sign of tiredness on their faces.

A call to gather and get on the bus was heard shortly after. Dessy immediately rushed to the bus followed by her friends. The 45-minute trip that morning was the start of SMN (Siswa Mengenal Nusantara) activities in Lampung.

Slowly, the bus carrying the SMN participants entered Korem 043 Garuda Hitam yard. Kapten Inf Sahrul had apparently awaited them. Without wasting any time, the kids enter the hall to join the activities.

Although at the beginning the kids looked tension entering the Korem 043 Garuda Hitam complex, smiles and laughter gradually reappeared. During introduction session, the atmosphere between the high school students and members of the Korem was warm and full of laughter. Especially when they shouted yells, all were amazed and gave a standing ovation.

Ekspedisi Anak Timur or Eastern Child Expedition, as the SMN participants called it, started with the material about defending the nation and the state. All day long on Wednesday, August 14, 2019, Dessy and all SMN participants were provided with debriefing about supporting Indonesia. Love of the Homeland, the meaning of Pancasila and Unity in Diversity material were delivered here.

Even though the activities lasted all day, the participants did not look bored. All were eager to pay attention to the material given and occasionally yells from the participants interspersed.

In the evening, these students were reassembled for silent reflection. They were asked to do self-corrections and self-improvement. During this silent reflection, the students were also given the motivation about maintaining the unity of Indonesia together.

From this short activity, hopefully the SMN participants will become the future of the nation and give significant contribution in maintaining the unity of Indonesia.