Bukit Asam Distributed Aids in West Sumatra to Encourage Local Economic

As a form of social responsibility, PT Bukit Asam Tbk delivered aids to several regions in West Sumatra. The aids provided by Bukit Asam were a solar water pump for irrigation in Talawi Village, Sawahlunto, the construction of the Lintau Buo bridge in Tanah Datar District, and school operational buses in Agam Regency. The symbolic assistance was held in Talawi Village, Sawahlunto. 

Bukit Asam President Director, Arviyan Arifin, handed over these three aids symbolically to the Governor of West Sumatra, Irwan Prayitno, witnessed directly by the local people, Sawahlunto tribal council (pemangku adat), and Wali Nagari Lintau Buo. In this event, Bukit Asam President Director and the Governor of West Sumatra also signed an inauguration inscription for the solar water pump and the Lintau Buo bridge.

The Solar-power water pump provided by Bukit Asam is capable to irrigate 50 hectares of rice fields in Talawi Village. The distance of this rice field area and the river is about 880 meters. The construction to enlarge this water pump was started in March 2018 and completed in September 2018. Now, the community can benefit from this solar water pump.

Before the water pump for irrigation available, people relied on rain using rainfed system (tadah hujan) to water the rice field. With the water pump, it is expected that people can plant up to 3 times a year, an increase compared to one time a year using the rainfed system.

Bukit Asam also provided assistance in the construction of the Lintau Buo Bridge in Tanah Datar District. The Lintau Buo Bridge was destroyed due to the flash flood (banjir bandang) which hit Tanah Datar District in October 2018. The construction of the Lintau Buo Bridge started in October 2018 and completed in June 2019. Now, the people of Situgal Village and Kotu Niur Village can cross the Lintau Buo Bridge that has been completely rebuilt.

In education sector, Bukit Asam provided 1 operational school bus to the Public Middle School 1 Tilatang Kamang in Agam District. Bukit Asam hoped that this assistance could help the school's operational, teaching and learning activities.

Through this assistance, Bukit Asam hoped that the local community can experience the benefits directly and can help improve the local economy. This assistance served not only as symbolic, but it is hoped that good relations between Bukit Asam, the Regional Government and the community will continue to be established.