Seven Obligations of Mine Workers

The mine workers’ involvement in occupational safety and health implementation plays a very important role in preventing work-related accidents and diseases. Accidents can potentially occur no matter efforts from Management, Head of Mining Engineering and the government, if not supported by the workers as the direct executors.

The followings are seven obligations stated in the Mining and Energy Ministerial Decree no. 555 year 1995 concerning General Mining Occupational Safety and Health in Article 32:

1. Mine workers must comply with the Occupational Health Safety Regulations
2. Mine workers must carry out work in accordance with safe working procedures
3. Mine workers during working activities must:
a. Pay attention to or maintain the safety of themselves or other people who may be affected by their actions;
b. Immediately take action or report to the supervisor about the conditions – if according to their consideration – might cause harm
4. Mine workers who see or hear any deviation in work executions must immediately report to the supervisor in duty
5. Mine workers must use personal protective equipment in carrying out their duties
6. Mine workers must provide correct information if requested by the Mining Inspection Officer or Head of Mining Engineering
7. Mine workers have the right to object to their superiors if the Occupational Safety and Health requirements are not met.