PTBA collaborates with other SOEs, including PLN, to which the Company supply the PLTU fuel source. As an energy company, PTBA is working with PT Pembangkitan Jawa Bali (Persero) to form a joint venture company, named PT Bukit Pembangkit Innovative as a power plant company with a capacity of 2x110 MW located in Lahat, South Sumatra.

In order to support the government's 35,000MW mega project, PTBA is currently developing PLTU Sumsel 8 with a capacity of 2x660 MW which has investment value of USD1.68 billion in collaboration with China Huadian Hongkong Company Ltd. Through this collaboration, the company is attracting foreign investment, opening jobs and generating electricity for Sumatra Grid.

PTBA, together with SOEs and the government, are also initiating a coal downstream into a DME project to increase national energy sustainability and reduce Indonesia's dependence on LPG imports. The project is able to reduce LPG imports by more than 1 million tons per year, bring investment to Indonesia and absorb a workforce of 10,570 people during construction and 7,976 people when operating.

As a manifestation of the Company's commitment to provide the extensive possible benefit for the community, PTBA has allocated CSR funds of IDR128 billion for the construction and renovation of sports halls in several cities in South Sumatra, repairing of the Jakabaring Sport City venue, and construction of public and health facilities as well as task support vehicles in South Sumatra Province.