The occupational Health and Safety (OHS) aspect is one of the factors influencing the operational success of mining companies. To realize safe mining practices, the Company has devised an OHS policy of

"Occupational Health and Safety is the responsibility of All Parties, and as such, the Company and concerned parties are committed to creating a healthy and accident-free working environment and operating in accordance with applicable rules and standards.".

To ensure the implementation of OHS standards and to show the Company’s commitment to the safe implementation of mining activities, the Company has integrated all operational systems related to OHS management aspect in the Bukit Asam Management System (BAMS) as of July 2010. The integrated OHS Management System (SMK3) has been accredited by an Independent agency based on the Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia No. 50 of 2012 on SMK3 Implementation and acquired the K3 OHSAS Management System 18001:2007 certification that is valid until 2021.

To ensure the effectiveness of SMK3 implementation, the Company requires all partners/third party contractors to comply with OHS requirements applied in the Company’s working environment by implementing Contractor Safety Management System (CSMS) procedures. The CSMS aims to improve the performance of the Company and business partners or third party contractors by implementing SMK3 including Human Rights aspects when carrying out work activities.


OHS Implementing Organization

To ensure that the OHS system is implemented in accordance with appropriate standards, the Company has in place an OHSE Department and Safety Committee/OHS Steering Committee (P2K3) consisting of a Safety Committee/ P2K3 Central at the PTBA-UPTE level, whose members include representatives from the Company’s management as well as employees from each work unit at the Tanjung Enim Mining Unit. Functions, positions and duties of the P2K3 are stipulated in article 82 of the Collective Labor Agreement (PKB), which represents an agreement made by and between the Company and its employees. The main duties of the P2K3 includes providing advice and considerations, whether requested or not, to business partner/work unit managers who are concerned about occupational safety and health issues.

Including employee representatives, the P2K3 has 30 members consisting of: 1 chairperson cum representative of the Company’s management, 1 vice chairperson, 1 secretary, 27 members consisting of 13 management representatives and 14 employee representatives. The Company conducts routine safety committee meetings both in related work unit or with work partners/mining contractors to ensure that all related parties follow all K3 regulations in K3. The P2K3 conducts routine meetings every three months.


P2K3 Structure


OHS Activity Objectives

OHS activity objectives in 2018 are as follows:

  • Effective implementation of SMK3 PP 50/2012 t 92%
  • Documentation of SMKP Minerba ESDM Minister Regulation 38/2014 at 100%
  • Major category findings for external SMK3/OHSAS audit of 0 (zero)
  • 100% participation in health check-ups for
  • Counseling ratio of 2.5 hours/employee
  • Zero fatal accident at 100%
  • Frequency Severity Indicator value of 0,0002

Activities and Quantitative Impact

Implementation of OHS Programs in 2018

All operational activities carried out by the Company refer to precautionary principles and emphasizes the safety and health of employees. In 2018, the Company implemented programs to improve the competence of employees in the field of OHS with standardization or certification for mine employees, to motivate employees in all managerial levels (starting from the management) to foster attention and behavior that puts occupational safety and health at the forefront. 321 employees have been certified as of December 31, 2018.

In addition, the Company also held internal training sessions covering OHS in the PTBA Education and Training that was attended by 275 managerial employees. In addition to improving employee competency, the Company also conducts efforts to improve feasibility of production and support equipment according to standardization or certification of equipment/units. This will ensure that said equipment/units will protect the safety and security of employees as they carry out their duties. In 2018, 23 business supporting equipment units have been certified; consisting of 21 loaders, 2 electrical installations, and ± 3,700 units (facilities, dump trucks, and heavy equipment) which have obtained operating permit labels from KTT.

OHS Performance in 2018

The Company continues to improve preventive activities for all employees in implementing OHS rules. The goal is to reduce occupational accident levels in the Company’s workplace. Throughout 2017, work accident statistic and K3 performance in PTBA is as follows:



Accident and Fire Control Team (TPKK)

To minimize Occupational Accident risk, the Company established an Accident and Fire Control Team (TPKK) under the coordination of the Mining Safety and Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (KP&K3L) Unit at the Tanjung Enim Mining Unit. The main duty of the TPKK is to organize and manage accident and fire control activities, including emergency response outside the Company.

As of 2018, the TPKK has 50 members, consisting of 15 Mine Rescue Team members and 35 Emergency Response Team members. This year, Emergency training has been conducted for 35 members of the Emergency Response Team, B-class Fire Certification for 8 members of the Mine Rescue Team, A-class Fire Certification for 1 member of the Mine Rescue Team, as well as Mud Rescue Training for 1 member of the Mine Rescue Team by the Ministry of Energy and Human Resources.

Various training programs, organizational improvement, equipment maintenance and upgrades of standard equipment are continuously carried out to increase the quality of the TPKK. Moreover, the TPKK also regularly organizes indoor and outdoor fire control and victims rescue training sessions, which are held independently in the areas managed by the Company. The team is also ready to participate in disaster recovery in residential areas surrounding the mining areas as a reflection of its concern for local communities.

In addition to implementing internal activities, the TPKK also participates in OHS activities outside the Company, namely in the annual Indonesian Fire & Rescue Challenge (IFRC). In 2018, PTBA sent 14 TPKK members to participate in the 18th IFRC training in Balangan, South Kalimantan.

TPKK also participated in overcoming disasters in the workplace as a manifestation of concern for surrounding communities.