PT Bukit Asam Tbk has a long history in national coal mining industry.

The Company operations commenced as Air Laya Mine began operating in Tanjung Enim in 1919 with the Dutch Colonial Government as the operator. At the time, the mining activities were conducted by an open pit mining method.

UPTE Workflow


BWE:  Bucket Wheel
ExcavatorSH/TR:  Shovel & Truck
SWKL:  Swa-kelola
TLS:  Train Loading Station


Amid the fluctuating trend in global coal prices, the Company remains committed to increase the growth rate of its coal production. This commitment is proven by continuous increase of the Company’s coal production in line with the increase in railway transport capacity. This could be seen from the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of railway production and capacity in the period of 2015 to the target of 2019, each at 9.1% and 12.5%.

Description 2018 2017 (ton) Deviation Increase/Decrease (%)
Tanjung Enim Mining Unit
• Air Laya Mine 7.815.650 5.560.381 2.255.269 41
• Muara Tiga Besar North 5.912.219 5.921.553 (9.334) (1)
• West & Central Banko 11.640.131 11.893.359 (253.228) (2)
Total UPTE Production 25.368.000 23.375.293 1.992.707 9
Peranap Mining Unit 2.115 - 2.115 111
PT Internasional Prima Coal (IPC) 985.286 870.505 114.781 13
Total Production 26.355.401 24.245.798 2.109.603 9
PT Bukit Asam Prima - 364.669 (364.669) (100)
Total Production and Purchase 26.355.401 24.610.467 1.744.934 7


The Company cooperates with PT Kereta Api Indonesia (PT KAI) in the process of coal transportation from Tanjung Enim to Tarahan Port, Lampung and Kertapati Dock, Palembang. The process of transportation includes:

  • The arrangement of the amount and quality of coal which will be loaded into each carriage of the train through Train Loading Station (TLS).
  • The supervision and documentation of coal distribution to Port or Dock.
  • The unloading and loading of coal from the train carriages using Rotary Car Dumper (RCD) in Tarahan Port and Apron Feeder (AF) in Kertapati Dock.

Description 2018 2017 Deviation Increase/Decrease (%)
Tanjung Enim – Tarahan 19.670.165 18.261.978 1.408.187 8
Tanjung Enim – Kertapati 3.017.087 3.101.352 (84.265) (3)
Total Load 22.687.252 21.363.330 1.323.922 6

Along with the increase of coal production in 2018, the total volume of coal transportation through train to Tarahan Port and Kertapati Dock also increased, from 21,363,330 million tons in 2017 to 22,687,252 million tons in 2018 or increased by 6%.


In 2018 the volume of coal production reached 26.36 million tons or increased 9% (y-o-y) and coal sales volume reached 24.70 million tons, an increase of 5% (y-o-y). Meanwhile, the Company’s net profit reached Rp5.02 trillion, increased 12% compared to that of previous year. Profit achievement in 2018 is the highest net profit since the Company operated.

Domestically, the challenge that was quite significant to the Company in 2018 came from the government’s DMO (Domestic Market Obligation) policy. In this case, the Company responded by adhering to the government’s price standards and prioritizing efficiency on the internal side in order to compensate. The Company believes that the DMO policy has a good objective for the interests of the community, therefore, the Company fully supports the implementation of such policy. DMO is the obligation of domestic coal producers to supply coal for the needs of PT PLN (Persero). This policy has been approved by the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Decree Number 23K/30/MEM/2018 where a minimum of 25 percent of coal production must be sold to PT PLN (Persero).

Description 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
Domestic 13.910.463 14.386.772 12.267.467 10.051.853 9.300.547
Export 10.782.399 9.241.103 8.485.700 9.049.368 8.664.003
Total Sales 24.692.862 23.627.875 20.753.167 19.101.221 19.962.550